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We all change our minds sometimes. Especially in supermarkets. There’s so many bright lights, colourful signs, and no one in their right mind is going to turn down the opportunity of 10, 000 extra reward points for a triple pack of dragon fruits they’re never going to eat. But do you ever wonder what the fuck makes someone dump a bag of popcorn in with the diced beef? Or swap a six pack of Fanta for some bleach? Honestly, just think of the poor staff who have to clean up the mess. Or maybe even the poor bastard who buys a pack of frozen prawns that was left on the hot chicken counter for 48 hours before someone put them back.

This site is all about documenting the trail of devastation these heartless mother fuckers leave behind them, and trying to go some way to explain the thought process of these consumer renegades.

So, the next time you’re down Somerfield and you’re unfortunate enough to witness the wreckage of someone’s change of heart why not take a photo and send it to putitback@ymail.com – and don’t forget to say when and where you spotted the shopping crime.

All the stuff in these photos is genuine – no products were moved in the making of this website. If you’re kind enough to submit a picture, please don’t fake it.


14 responses to “About this site / Submit your pics

  1. Tom

    Hi there,

    Saw your site on the B3ta mailout and had to drop a line to say how much I love it – I did the same thing with mine a couple of years ago and it went ballistic for a time – here’s hoping yours does even better!

    all the best,


  2. AssHat

    1. Take item.
    2. Put item in place incongruous with its original place.
    3. Hahah. Hahah.
    4. End transmission.

  3. playswithknives

    In the store where I work, there is a “Go-back” department. Every day from 6 am to 9 pm there are people that do nothing but put things back in their right place.

  4. KC

    And here all this time I thought that the customers are just trying their hand at cross merchandising.
    As someone who worked in retail grocery, I saw this ALL day long. My favorite was finding the package of raw chicken in the liquor section. It had been sitting there all day, tucked away behind a bottle of rum. Hmmm. Nice and warm and full of bacteria. Ah the scent!
    Why can’t they just bring it with them to the cashier and simple say “I changed my mind”? Life would be so much easier than having to play lazy-customer-crossmerchandsing-scavenger hunt all day long

  5. This is called product displacement. Some people, like Mrs BNM, do it because they can’t be arsed to take the item back to where they found it. Others (cough) do it to create a pleasing juxtaposition. Alka-Seltzer in amongst the liquor is an obvious example. The more obtuse, the better.

    Glad someone’s thought to record all these examples.

  6. ^^^^^ It’s called laziness, no more no less….

  7. Chris h

    Yes, yes, yes….I’ve been sending pics to friends when I see stuff put back in the wrong place…I feel like I’ve stumbled across my own kind:)

    I once saw a happy feet DVD dumped in the frozen turkeys section.

    • Matthew

      Haha, that was like a 1-2-3-lol for me, cheers Chris :p

      I can’t believe I keep forgetting to snap piccies of these things when I see them, I must see at least two every time I shop… Submitting one now 😉

      – Matthew

  8. LittleLion69

    I work at a major grocery store in the Philadelphia. PA area third shift restocking the shelves after the store closes. We see the public the hour before we close, and the first 90 minutes the store is open. I have seen people pick up an item, and never really look at it, but carry it to the other end of the aisle, and put it on the shelf. Tuesday is our senior citizen day, and they get 5% off. It is the night we dread most, as the store is always tore up! Sometimes I will find 20+ wrong items in my aisle! Because of the misplaced and unwanted items, we get paid to put them in a shopping cart every night, and then 3 people get paid to walk the store during the day to return them to their rightful place Thanks go out to the people that give us our job security in these bad times!!!

  9. Matt M

    Loving your work, wish I could come up with a similar idea!x

  10. Anonymous

    Sometimes I just want to break into their houses…….just to stuff meat behind THEIR magazines.

  11. HairyDave

    For years now the juxtapositions of misplaced objects in my local Tesco’s have been so weird that I am sure some master artist is doing it deliberately

    • They probably have. It’s called product displacement and anyone can do it, but inthe minds of the staff who have to put everything back its artistic worth is probably dubious at best.

  12. TJ

    I work at a very popular grocery store in Manhattan, recently found a pack of frozen salmon filets that had been left for lord knows how long on top of a boxed cookie display. It had thawed and leaked, soaking about a dozen or so boxes of waffle cookies in rotting fish slime. Unfortunately we aren’t allowed to take out our phones while on the clock, otherwise I’d be submitting every day!

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